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The Moemoe Story......

I’ve always believed there’s very little a great night’s sleep can’t fix. So when I went searching for natural, quality, New Zealand made bedding to supercharge my slumber I was surprised to find it simply didn’t exist.

This was the moment I realised there was a need for a highly functional, beautifully crafted product made here at a competitive price.

Pure New Zealand lamb’s wool with its warmth and durability was an obvious choice to keep me and my family warm at night. After all, if it’s good enough for a billion sheep it’s good enough for us.

After an extensive search I uncovered a team of New Zealand luxury bedding manufacturers with more than 20 years’ experience exporting their product around the world. Our shared vision for quality, locally-produced, natural bedding aligned and Moemoe was borne.

The name Moemoe represents everything we stand for – our beautiful country and its commitment to quality, as well as quality of sleep and the joy that brings.

Our Moemoe team is proud of the brand we have created and work hard to share the benefits of natural fibre and the restorative qualities of good sleep. You spend more time in your bed than anywhere else and your investment in a quality bed and bedding should reflect that.

Invest in your sleep and watch your world change around you.

Melissa Stocker, Moemoe Founder and Owner 

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